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LORDS (LibGuide Open Review Discussion Sessions) Project

The LibGuides Open Review Discussion Sessions (LORDS) Project works towards cultivating a community across California State University Libraries that provides space for critique, conversation, and criticality. In using critical race theory to acknowledge structures of publishing, libraries, and reference, this LibGuide review system works towards holding criticality to fight against the farce of neutrality within knowledge organizations.

Started at a predominately white institution, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, we hope to bring anti-racist practices to our LibGuides by understanding and acknowledging the white supremacist structures of publishing, libraries, and reference in our work. With the aim to form a peer-to-peer network throughout the California State University system, LORDS works to establish local review sessions at each of the California State University Libraries, as well as bring practitioners together to have conversations about their work and methods of reference: a people-to-people network in working towards anti-racist practices. This project also integrates other dimensions of criticality, including but not limited to web usability best practices and insights from critical information literacy. 

The LibGuides Project works on local and inter-collegial levels. Local sessions are organized by various members of the libraries participating. It is possible for an individual from a different institution to attend a local session. Additionally, there are CSU-wide sessions quarterly, organized by the CSU Publishing Interest Group. 

To get started at your institution, begin with the toolkit.