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Why publish an article in an open-access journal?

  • Build your professional identity. Published works demonstrate your capacity to do professional academic work. Published works can go on resumes. 
  • Build your professional skills. Publishing requires you to develop your writing, research, collaboration, and management skills. It demonstrates that you can do higher-level writing and engage a targeted audience.
  • Share your knowledge and voice. Shared knowledge benefits everyone. Knowledge is a conversation, and you can add your distinctive voice to it.
  • Learn about scholarly publishing. Peer-reviewed research is the foundation of scholarly publishing, but the process can seem intimidating. Whether as an author, editor, or reviewer, the best way to learn about scholarly publishing is to participate in the process.
  • Promote yourself and everyone around you. Publishing announces yourself, mentor, department, university, and local community to the world. It celebrates the entire community as a hub for knowledge creation and sharing.